5 Foods for Whiter Teeth!

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A whiter smile can be achieved through dental treatments. However, you can also help encourage a whiter smile through your diet choices too. According to our friends at Listerine, here are five foods that can help to whiten your teeth!

1) Cauliflower – since it requires a lot of chewing, more saliva is produced. Saliva is a natural cleanser, which helps to keep your teeth clean and bright!

2) Strawberries, although they are dark in colour, they are full of an enzyme known as malic acid. This acid is a natural teeth whitener!

3) Cheese is a dairy product, which contains lactic acid and calcium. These help to strengthen teeth and keep them white.

4) Apples – the chewing required to eat apples also helps with saliva production. In addition, when eating an apple a natural “scrubbing” occurs against your teeth, keeping them white!

5) Celery is a fibrous veggie, which is nutrient rich and keeps teeth white!

Be sure to eat these healthy, teeth whitening foods at home! In addition, visit us at Southwood Dental Studio in London for teeth whitening options and professional dental cleanings. We can help get you the smile you want!

-Dr. Agrawal

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