Are Baby Teeth Important?

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Learn the importance of baby teeth and help your children develop proper dental hygiene as early as possible.

If you think that baby teeth don’t matter because they eventually will fall out and will be replaced by permanent teeth, then you’re totally wrong. Baby teeth play a vital role in children’s overall development and health. As a parent, you should keep in mind that maintaining healthy teeth means having a healthy and well-developed child.

Baby Teeth or “Primary Teeth” begin to grow underneath the gums as early as the second trimester of pregnancy. In 6 months to 1 year, the baby teeth emerge out from the gums and fully develop into a complete set of 20 baby teeth until the age of three.

Why are Baby Teeth Important?
Primary Teeth are essential for many reasons. Listed below are the reasons why baby teeth are important:

  • It aids in speech development and production.
  • It promotes children’s self-confidence by having a healthy and complete set of baby teeth.
  • Baby teeth affect the overall nutrition of your child through proper chewing.
  • Assists in holding the right amount of spaces in the gums for developing adult teeth.

According to American Dental Association, every child should have a dental checkup within six months of the first tooth coming out. Booking a dental consultation will ensure that your children’s teeth and oral care are healthy. Taking care of your child’s baby teeth can prevent dental problems, which have a significant impact on your child’s health and wellness.

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– Dr. Agrawal

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