Are Regular Dentist Appointments Necessary?

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Yes, they absolutely are.

The generally accepted idea is to make dentist appointments once every six months. However, this may differ according to your personal health needs. Some cases might require increased dental appointments, especially if you identify as one or more of the following: you’re either a smoker, have gum disease, are diabetic, suffer a constant cavity confliction and/or that you’re pregnant.

What good will consistency do? Why can’t it be a once-in-a-few-years affair? Regular dental visits will help you accomplish a number of many things:
· The removal of plaque and tartar, the excess of which could cause gum disease and tooth decay
· Overall cleaning, polishing and flossing of your teeth (to prevent an embarrassing food stain disaster!)
· Valuable advice on self-maintenance and hygienic practices you can adopt to preserve the condition of your teeth and gums

If constantly neglected, your pearly whites could suffer a number of several afflictions – gum disease, oral cancer, diabetes, and tooth decay. While all of this sounds scary, we’ve got your back (and your teeth!)

At Southwood Dental Studio, we provide excellent services in dental exams, cleaning and preventive care. During the dental exam we will:
· Address Dental Concerns
· Digital X-rays/Intra-oral Pictures (for new patients)
· Check for cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease
· Perform thorough teeth cleaning

The first exam is typically 90 minutes long, and your first visit helps the dentist to establish the recommended frequency of visits you should plan over time. The regular exam lasts for the duration of 45 minutes and is recommended every six months.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from or what your profession is – dental hygiene practices are important for everyone to preserve the quality of their smiles. If it’s been a while, book your next dentist appointment with us at one of our London locations as soon as possible!

-Dr. Agrawal

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