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Dental care can start at a very young age! The moment your child starts to develop teeth, we should spend the extra time to take care of them. Teething can be a painful process for your baby! It can mean a lot of sleep deprivation for both you and your child! It’s important to understand your child’s symptoms and what they are going through.

Here are some symptoms and tips to be aware of for your teething baby:
– Irritation/Pain
– Sleepless Nights
– Stay away from solid foods – their gums are tender and they will push this away!
– Biting – your child may start to bite anything in sight!
– Increased salivary flow/drooling – your child will produce more saliva when they are teething
– Rubbing their gums – sometimes this will help to alleviate the pain
– Mild Fevers – this can happen during teething (but it’s not the cause!)
– Increased Sucking – can be on fingers, or random objects

Most teething babies will experience some of the symptoms or feelings above. You can use this as a guideline to help understand their behaviours. As a parent, a very helpful tip is to apply gentle counter-pressure to sore gums or use a cold spoon to help ease the pain.

For more safe baby teething remedies click here.

Once your little one is about two years of age, we’d love to see them in for their first visit! We’ll make sure everything is in great shape. Contact us at Southwood Dental Studio to book their first appointment.

– Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

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