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You may be surprised to hear that a child’s dental care can start before their first tooth erupts! The first tooth usually erupts around 4-6 months old. Sugar, including natural sugars, can be challenging to avoid. They are present in breast milk and formula. If these sugars sit on the teeth or gums for too long, it can lead to early childhood cavities. 
We recommend your child visit us within six months from when the first tooth erupts. At your first dental visit, we encourage the mother to hold the baby on her lap while we do a quick assessment of the teeth. We’ll also provide you with some tips on keeping up good oral habits for your child. One of the most key learnings is to limit the intake of juice and milk. The frequency of consuming these sugary liquids can be tied to cavities. Be sure to monitor baby bottles, especially at bedtime! 
When your child is old enough to brush their own teeth, be sure to set the example. Make brushing teeth an activity you do together! You can also put on music during this time and brush to the length of a song (approx. two minutes). Make brushing their teeth something to look forward to. Remember, cavity prevention starts with a good oral health routine. 
For any questions about your child’s dental health, contact Southwood Dental Studio, your family dentist in London! 
– Dr. Agrawal 
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