Chipped Tooth?

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A chipped tooth can happen from various different incidents. It can happen when you are trying to open a package with your teeth or from eating very hard/crunchy foods. These are just a few incidents that can cause a chipped tooth. Ideally, you should try to fix the damaged tooth as soon as possible to prevent further problems from developing.

What to do first?

If you can’t get to your dentist right away there are a few things you can do in the mean time to help. You can take over the counter pain medication to help with pain and swelling. You can also rinse your mouth to remove any food pieces that stick to the edges of a cracked tooth. Make sure to also avoid any hot or cold temperatures that may set off tooth sensitivity.

There are a few options that can help fix a chipped tooth fast once you see your dentist:

Bonding – used for smaller less complicated chips. A simple procedure where a composite material is molded over the non-cracked part of the tooth to correct the chip.
Veneers – for a more serious cosmetic issue. These are porcelain covers that are on the front of your teeth. The result is a smooth natural look.
Crowns – similar to veneers, they are porcelain covers. The difference is that crowns shield the entire tooth instead of just the front facing part. These are helpful when a large part of the tooth is lost. The tooth shape can be corrected and repaired quickly, preventing further damage.
Dental Implants – are typically used if the tooth has cracked just before the surface of the gumline. Removing the tooth allows for space to heal. An implant is placed that feels and looks like a real tooth. This can help avoid infections and future root canals. This procedure can take the longest to heal as it needs healing time between the extraction and implant.

A chipped tooth is a common dental problem. Be sure to call Southwood Dental Studio in London, Ontario for any issues, to take care of the problem as soon as possible!

– Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

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