Common Flossing Mistakes

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Flossing seems so simple – just slide a piece of string between your teeth right? However, there are ways to maximize flossing to get all the benefits!

Here are 10 common mistakes when flossing:

Not flossing both sides of your teeth – flossing one side is only 50% of the job! You are still prone to cavities in areas that you miss!
Using the same section of floss on all your teeth – when you remove the bacteria from one area, using the same part you could be moving it to another area! Make sure to use a clean piece every time.
Snapping floss down hard in between your teeth – this can injure your gums! Instead use a gradually controlled downward pressure in a back and forth motion.
Missing the back teeth – although there may not be a tooth on the other side, the teeth at the very back still need to be flossed!
Flossing aimlessly – sometimes you can miss flossing teeth. Make sure to keep track of where you are flossing and create a flossing road map thats best for you!
Not Flossing around Dental Appliances – for example, with wires or bridges in your mouth, using traditional floss may not be applicable. Superfloss or floss threaders can be another solution!
Quitting when your gums bleed – sometimes when people floss, their gums can bleed. They think this is a sign they should stop. You are not hurting your gums unless you are flossing too hard. This is likely a case of gingivitis. Continue with good oral hygiene habits to get rid of this!
Not spending enough time flossing – you should spend a couple of seconds on each side of your tooth to ensure you are cleaning thoroughly.
Not applying pressure to the surface of the tooth – make sure you are putting enough pressure against your teeth (as opposed to down on your gums).
Only flossing to remove food – many people think that flossing is only to remove food that is stuck between their teeth. People can see food stuck between their teeth, but they do not necessarily see plaque build up between their teeth. When you are flossing to remove plaque, you will also remove food!

By avoiding these mistakes, you can floss more effectively for better oral health! If you have any questions about flossing, book an appointment with Southwood Dental Studio in the city of London, Ontario.

Happy flossing!

– Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

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