Healthy Eats for the Fall Season!

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As the weather gets cooler, we are tempted to reach for starchy or sugary carbohydrates. This “comfort food” makes us feel good in the moment, but has repercussions for our overall health – including our dental health too! At Southwood Dental Studio we have a few recommendations for some healthy eats for your smile.

Figs: Did you know that two figs provide 55mg of calcium and fibre? This fruit is a healthy snack option and can increase saliva flow to fight off bacteria. Introduce figs into your charcuterie board when entertaining this fall!

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are full of iron, which keeps your tongue healthy. They also contain magnesium which helps your tooth enamel. Magnesium works with calcium to create a hard enamel that resists tooth decay. Snack on these seeds while watching your favourite fall shows! You can also roast them with different flavours too!

Spinach: It’s not everyone’s favourite, but spinach does help saliva flow! When your saliva flow production is increased, it helps naturally wash away loose particles or build up in your mouth. In addition, these leafy greens are full of vitamins and minerals which also benefit your overall health too! Try a spinach salad with dried cranberries, apple slices, nuts and balsamic dressing this fall season.

For any questions on healthy eats, contact one of our dental studios in London. At Southwood Studio, we are invested in your overall health and dental health. Happy fall snacking!

-Dr. Agrawal

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