Heart Racing at The Dentist?

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Have you ever noticed when you receive dental injections, they can sometimes cause your heart to start to racing? No, it’s not because your dentist is good looking! Although your nerves play a big factor, there’s another reason.

The same way that nerves send adrenaline rushing through our body, dental injections also cause our hearts to beat faster since anesthetics release epinephrine. Epinephrine is another form of adrenaline but it’s purpose is not to increase your nerves. It actually restricts your blood vessels and allows your dentist to work on your tooth, without causing you to feel a thing!

The speed and beat of your heart pounding can vary according to how much anesthetic you have been administered. Rest assured, your dentist knows what you need and you shouldn’t worry. Generally the anesthetic subsides after ten minutes and is safe to be used.

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– Southwood Dental Studio Team

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