Is A Dental Check-Up Important?

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As a general rule, you should visit your dental office no less than two times per year for general checkups and cleaning. Although some people avoid the dentist due to fear! Despite the fact that pain is very minimal thanks to sedation and advanced equipment in dental offices, many are still often ignoring dental check-ups. Why? Well, most people still hold onto the stigma of associating the dentist with pain.

As dental practitioners at Southwood Dental Studio in London, we encourage you to confront your feelings of fear and see a dentist every six months to prevent and avoid dental problems and complications. A dental checkup is an integral part of keeping optimum oral health as well as maintaining your general wellbeing.

Why Dental Check-Ups are Important

Keeps Healthy Oral Cavity
Regular visits to dental office can keep your teeth, gums and your overall oral cavity healthy. Dentists can distinguish oral issues earlier, which in turn can prevent you from having dental complications that aggravate your health. Early detection of oral problems means lower risk of oral diseases.

Oral Cancer Screening Test
Nowadays, dentists can do an oral cancer-screening test to detect any malignancy of the oral cavity. Generally, this test is done during a regular checkup, and it won’t take much time. Prognosis are better with cancer when detected early so have your dental checkup regularly and get an oral cancer-screening test.

Builds Rapport and Trust between Dentists and Patients
Who doesn’t want a good relationship with their dentist? Establishing rapport and trust with your dentist can only be achieved if you visit him/her regularly. Treatment and procedure are easier when you can trust your dentist to do his or her job.

A dental checkup is indeed essential and is a significant part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. You can’t just brush and floss your teeth at home; you also need to see your dentist regularly. If you have any dental problems or you just want to have a general assessment of your teeth, you can visit our office located in London, Ontario. Our office is available to everybody who needs oral care!

-Dr. Agrawal

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