Nail Biting Problems

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Many of us have bad habits, from our posture to biting our finger nails! Some bad habits can have some serious effects on our teeth! Although it may seem harmless, nail biting can cause some trouble for your teeth. For example, if you bite down on your nail the impact of your teeth hitting together can cause a your teeth to chip! Additionally, you can develop a gap between your front teeth or experience changes in the way your teeth come in, which can cause orthodontic problems. Another problem with nail biting, is that it is a carrier of bacteria! The bacteria under your nails could get transmitted into your mouth and can contribute to problems with gingivitis. Do your best to try to kick the bad habit! It will help to avoid several oral health problems. For questions about oral hygiene, contact us at Southwood Dental Studio in London today! 
– Dr. Agrawal
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