Playing it Safe: The Mouthguard

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As the school year starts to swing into full gear, so do the after school activities! For many students this includes sports. It’s all fun and games, as long as someone doesn’t end up toothless!

Dental injuries are often one of the most common injuries in sports. It is important to prepare your child for their sports activities with the protection of a mouthguard. They are just as important as a helmet! Not only do they protect your child’s teeth, but also their jaw and mouth. If your child has braces they have a slightly higher risk for oral injuries if they are hit by another player. Annually, 200,000 injuries are prevented by wearing mouth guards! A good mouth guard is effective by holding teeth in place and allows for normal speech and breathing. It should also cover the teeth and sometimes the gums too.

If you have any questions about protecting your child’s teeth or your child needs a dental appointment in London – contact us at Southwood Dental Studio for more recommendations.

– Dr. Agrawal

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