Problems with Lumps on Your Gums?

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As you age your mouth can naturally change. Some changes are related to growth and development. Whereas others that involve your gums, tongue and throat can indicate an oral health problem. Here are a few changes related to lumps on your gums that require a dental visit.

Lumps on your gums often indicate an oral infection. These usually stem from plaque, tooth decay and foot particles. Other types of lumps on your gums can be related to trauma or canker sores. For example, an impact to the mouth, ingesting a hot beverage too quickly or if you recently had braces put on. Dental cysts are another type of “lump” that can form on your gums. These are often found at the roots of a dead tooth or teeth. If a cyst becomes infected, it may be asymptomatic. Surgery can help remove a cyst and prevent its return.

Pyogenic granuloma (also known as granuloma gravidarum) is when small lumps found near the gum line. This is often seen in pregnant women caused by pregnancy hormones. These small lumps are not a cause for concern but can be monitored.

Other serious problems such as oral cancer and tumours can cause lumps on your gums. These conditions are not as common, but they remain an excellent reason to check in with your dentist regularly.

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-Dr. Agrawal

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