Retainers After Braces

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Once your braces are removed, the next step in the process that will complete your smile transformation is retainer treatment management. Everyone who has worn braces needs to wear retainers for about a year or more, depending on their specific conditions and treatment plan.

It takes time for bones and muscles to adjust and move after braces, and that’s why you need retainers. As you know, braces fix misaligned teeth and malocclusion problems, while retainers help stabilize the position of your teeth after braces to prevent them from moving back to their misaligned state.

Moving back to previous misaligned condition or what we call as relapse happens when you neglect wearing retainers. To avoid orthodontic relapse, listen to what your orthodontist say about wearing retainers. Wear retainers until you finish the prescribed duration.

Retainers can be removable or permanent, and it depends on your condition as to what type of retainers would best suit your needs. In some cases, both removable and permanent retainers are needed to complete your orthodontic treatment. Therefore, talk to your orthodontist whatever your concerns are and make sure to follow his/her dental instructions.

To learn more about retainers or orthodontic treatment, talk to our dental team at Southwood Dental Studio in London. Our team will assist you with your orthodontic concerns!

-Dr. Agrawal

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