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Snoring is a common problem and can be a nuisance to partners and spouses. It usually happens when the tongue muscle recedes back, and the throat is relaxed. They vibrate when you inhale and exhale, creating the familiar snoring sound. If you generally sleep on your back and still snore, you can benefit from snoring prevention mouthguards. Here’s what you need to know about this treatment:

How Do Snoring Prevention Methods Work?

A snoring mouthpiece puts mild tension on your lower jaw, which keeps the tongue in place and prevents it from relaxing back into your throat. This keeps the airway clear and helps you avoid snoring completely. This mouthpiece allows you and your partner to sleep peacefully.

Snoring guards work a little differently. They make sure that you are breathing through your nose and not your mouth during sleep. This helps ensure no vibrations are occurring inside your mouth, eliminating the snoring noise. This is a highly effective way to stop snoring, but it also has other benefits. It promotes natural nasal breathing, which can help your body rejuvenate faster and better.

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-Dr. Agrawal

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