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A toothache is defined as a pain in and around the teeth or jaws. It can happen to almost anyone with dental or jaw problems. It is often described as mild, moderate or severe pain. Here at Southwood Dental Studio, we want our patients to be aware of one of the most common oral concerns. Learning the symptoms, causes, and treatment of toothache can help prevent it from worsening or aggravating your teeth, mouth and oral cavity.

Symptoms of a toothache often include teeth sensitivity, a fever or headache, swelling around the tooth or jaw, pain that may come and go or constant and pain that stays in a specific area or radiates to the jaws. If you have toothache for more than one or two days, you need to see your dentist right away. Early diagnosis of the cause of your toothache is essential because it can be treated early and in turn, prevent further complications or oral problems from happening.

There are many causes of a toothache. Tooth decay or cavities, infected tooth or gums, gum disease, tooth trauma or fracture, grinding teeth, sensitive teeth, temporomandibular joint problem, and abscessed tooth are some of the common causes of toothache.

Treating toothache depends on its cause. If your pain is due to infected tooth nerve, a root canal treatment is your best option, and if it’s because of a cavity, your dentist can use fillings or extract your tooth to relieve you from pain.

Whatever the cause of toothache is, the most important thing to do is consult your dentist once you experience it. Don’t wait until the pain becomes severe before visiting the dentist. Early diagnosis means a better prognosis so see your dentist now! If you have questions about a toothache, please feel free to contact our dental office located in London, Ontario.

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