The Importance of an Oral Cancer Test

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Did you know that the 13th most common cancer in Canada is “Oral Cancer?” In 2017, an estimated 4,700 people were diagnosed with oral cancer, and about 1,250 Canadians died from this lethal disease. This condition can be prevented if caught early through oral cancer tests. Your dentist plays an important role in this life and death situation, so it is essential that you get a dental checkup and have an oral cancer screening test.

In dentistry, oral cancer screening by visual inspection and palpation are a vital part of a dentist’s routine practice. Identifying precancerous lesions can help dentists implement interventions that will decrease the chance of malignant transformations or improve the chance of survival once diagnosed early.

The oral cancer examination, itself is a fast, painless and easy process, which can eventually save your life. It is usually part of a regular dental checkup, and your dentist will inspect and palpate your mouth with signs of a persistent erythroplastic lesion or the red and white lesions on the mouth, and fixated or indurated masses in the oral cavity. In some cases, an additional test will be done to define lesion characteristics and help in biopsy site selection.

Without an oral cancer screening test, early signs of oral cancer are difficult to detect. Regular dental checkups along with oral cancer exams are a necessity to maintain a healthy oral cavity. To learn more about oral cancer examination, you can contact or visit us at Southwood Dental Studio in London, Ontario.

-Dr. Agrawal

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