Tips for Packing Lunches for Dental Health

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Packing lunches can be overwhelming! There are so many health factors to consider. At Southwood Dental Studio, we have some healthy lunch ideas to share with you!

Snack of choice: Fruit and Veggies!
Apples, carrots and cucumbers are all rich in Vitamin A, which will allow your body to build tooth enamel! Kiwi and strawberries contain high levels of Vitamin C, which slows the process of collagen break down.

Drink of choice: Water!
I mean, is this really any surprise? Water has so many health benefits and most of us are dehydrated! Pack a water bottle, it will help wash away food particles that would otherwise sit on the teeth, possibly contributing to tooth decay.

Something to avoid: Sugary Juice Boxes!
Sugary drinks encourage tooth decay! Look for reduced sugar options if your child doesn’t like water!

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-Dr. Agrawal

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