Treating Dry Mouth

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The best way to treat dry mouth or also known as ‘xerostomia’ – is knowing the underlying cause of it. To determine the cause of your dry mouth, you need to consult a medical doctor. If your doctor recommends you to see a dentist, then most likely, the cause is related to your oral cavity.

Some of the causes of dry mouth are related to the use of certain medications, aging, nerve damage, cancer treatment, drinking alcohol and cigarette smoking, medical conditions and dental problems like tooth decay and cavities. Treatment management of dry mouth focuses on three main categories – Increasing saliva production, tooth decay prevention and managing underlying medical conditions.

Here at Southwood Dental Studio, we will focus on tooth decay prevention, which is the most common dental cause of dry mouth. Dry mouth happens when your salivary glands don’t produce enough saliva to keep your mouth moist and healthy. Saliva helps wash bacteria from your oral cavity and helps neutralize harmful acids. When you have dry mouth, bacteria can proliferate in your mouth causing tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, it is important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease by following a proper oral hygiene routine, which includes the following; brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily, using fluoride toothpaste when brushing your teeth and visiting your dentist regularly at least twice a year.

To learn more about dry mouth treatment, you can talk to our friendly dental team at our office in London, Ontario.

-Dr. Agrawal

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