What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

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Every year, millions of teeth are saved through root canal treatments. If you have a damaged or diseased tooth and/or you are experiencing chronic toothache and teeth sensitivity, visit your dentist as soon as possible for a consultation.

Here at Southwood Dental Studio, we offer root canal treatments that will require patients to visit our office for a few appointments in order to treat the problem. Our dental team will initially remove the affected tooth root tissue; then it will be cleaned and sealed. Finally, a dental composite or dental crown is placed to fill the tooth. The number of appointments to the dentist for a root canal treatment depends on the severity of your tooth or teeth and the extent of the root damage. Undergoing a root canal procedure is painless, and it is usually done by an endodontist – a specialized dentist.

A root canal is a term used to describe the inside of your tooth. Beneath the white enamel and dentin (hard layer of the tooth), is a soft tissue called pulp or pulp chamber. The tooth’s nerve lies within the root canal, and without treatment, the tissue around the tooth will become infected. With root canal treatment, your natural tooth can function normally again.

Root canal treatments are an effective method that saves and restores a tooth that is badly diseased or damaged. If you’re experiencing pain or sensitivity, contact our dental team at Southwood Dental Studio in London. We will gladly assist you with your dental concern!

-Dr. Agrawal

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