White Spots on Teeth

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Everyone wants pearly white teeth – but what if you notice that your teeth have white spots? Those irregular milky opaque white patches that can be both aesthetically troublesome could signify dental problems.

Most people don’t pay too much attention to white spots, because unlike the brown spots; they are less noticeable and unattractive. However, like any other tooth discolouration, white spots can be a result of some oral problems that can warrant treatment.

A number of reasons can cause white spots. Too much fluoride, known as fluorosis can cause decay and white discolouration. Similar to Fluorosis, Enamel Hypoplasia is seen as spots varying from milky white to yellowish or brown. Enamel Hypoplasia happens due to nutritional deficiencies, medicinal side effects, and high fever. When plaque accumulates on your teeth and causes demineralization, this could lead to permanent white areas of decalcification. A diet high in acid and sugar as well as sleeping with your mouth open can also lead to white spot formation on your teeth.

There are different treatment options available for white spots, depending on the severity of your condition. Your dentist will usually suggest microabrasion, bleaching, the use of dental veneers, or the use of composite resin to help treat white spots on your teeth.

Don’t let white spots interfere with your smile! If you notice some white milky discolouration on your teeth, contact or visit us at Southwood Dental Studio in London. We will gladly assist you with your dental concerns!

-Dr. Agrawal

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